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Sensual Selections & Spa

Prenatal Massage with Aromatherapy

Prenatal Massage with Aromatherapy

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Celebrate the journey of motherhood with our Prenatal Massage, thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique comfort and well-being needs of expecting women. As you embrace the beauty of pregnancy, we offer a nurturing experience that combines the benefits of massage therapy with the soothing essence of aromatherapy.

Key Highlights:

  • Pregnancy-Centric Comfort: Our massage focuses on providing ultimate comfort for expectant mothers. We use specialized cushions and employ side-lying postures to ensure there is no undue pressure on the abdomen.
  • Aromatherapy Elevation: Elevate your prenatal massage experience with the gentle power of aromatherapy. Indulge in the calming and rejuvenating scents of essential oils.
  • 12 Weeks and Beyond: To ensure the safety of both mother and baby, this massage is recommended for expectant mothers who are at least 12 weeks into their pregnancy.

At Sensual Selections & Spa, we understand that pregnancy is a time of immense transformation and joy. Our Prenatal Massage with Aromatherapy is crafted to provide you with a serene and comforting escape, allowing you to fully embrace the incredible journey of motherhood.

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